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A licensed private detective agency servicing the entire state of Connecticut

our bussines

A licensed private detective agency servicing the entire state of Connecticut

our bussines

Leading the way into the
new era of investigative business

our bussines

Leading the way into the
new era of investigative business


Flagship Investigations is a full service private investigative business licensed by the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection, Division of the Connecticut State Police. We are fully insured and bonded, offering many services for private individuals, attorneys, the risk management industry, and other businesses.

Unlike national or regional companies, Flagship Investigations solely works with Connecticut-based cases. We are able to conduct rush files and can typically begin a case within hours of the initial consultation. Contact us today, to see how our services can assist with your investigative needs.

CT Private Detective License #A-2542

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NPSA -- Nationwide Process Servers Association

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A few words about us

Providing results for our clients is the goal at Flagship Investigations. We accomplish this by keeping up with latest trends in the industry, staying current with the newest technologies and developing an individualized strategy with our clients. We strictly adhere to the code of ethics and conduct set forth by the state of Connecticut, the organizations we belong to, and our company. Contact us for a free, confidential consultation.

Our mission

The mission of Flagship Investigations is to meet the needs of our clients and produce results in a time efficient manner. We recognize that each situation is unique and we handle every case with an individualized approach. Our services are always conducted in the most discreet manner and maintained with the highest level of confidentiality. Attention to detail and a commitment to our clients will ensure professional results.

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Back Injury Claim

Employee Theft of Time

Unemployment Investigation

Knee Injury Claim, Movement Restriction

Undercover Investigations

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Infidelity Investigations

Infidelity by a spouse or significant other is a violation of the trust that was built by two people. Often times, the cheater uses a great deal of time and energy in keeping the affair secret. Using surveillance techniques, an affair can be exposed. Evidence gathered through an investigation can take away any deniability from the cheater, as well. We work with the client to ensure a cost effective strategy that will garner the best possible results.

Personal Background Checks

Background checks provide information about a person's past and give an outline of their character. Criminal history, employment verification, drug and alcohol use, bankruptcy, marital/divorce history, aliases, and ownership of property can all be ascertained through a personal background check. From new boyfriends to nannies and housekeepers to potential business partners, we can provide answers about the unknown.

Covert GPS Tracking

At times, an investigation may be too sensitive for the use of constant surveillance. Other times, an investigation requires monitoring over long durations. With either case, a covert GPS tracking device can be an indispensible tool for gaining the information needed. Whether you are tracking a loved one's driving habits, an asset being delivered, or fleet vehicles we can provide the system and handle all of the data interpreting for you.

Conduct Reports/Behavior Monitoring

Many times people will say one thing and do another. When they are out of eyeshot, their true behavior is exposed. Whether it is a court-ordered situation or a promise that is being broken, we can find out what behavior is being conducted when one doesn't believe they are being watched. This can include child custody cases, drug and alcohol concerns, co-habitation situations, future surrogates and more.


Utilizing the latest technology, we can undertake any surveillance situation while maintaining a discreet and covert presence. We carefully comply with federal and state laws to protect the admissibility of the evidence collected, while at the same time, aggressively pursuing the case goals.

Counter Surveillance Measures

With the ever expanding world of electronics getting smaller and smarter, electronic eavesdropping is a rising concern. Electronic "bugs" can be smaller than a dime, record audio and video and hidden virtually anywhere in a home or vehicle. After conducting a threat assessment, we can begin a bug sweep using state of the art equipment and provide you with the peace of mind that your private moments will not go public.

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Insurance Fraud

With increasing insurance costs, an employer needs to be aware of fraudulent insurance claims. A simple "slip and fall" case can turn into an expensive, drawn-out litigation process. An "injured" employee can be out of work for months or even years. By monitoring the claimant's post-injury behaviors, we can identify actions that are contrary to the claimed injuries.

Workers' Compensation Claims

As with insurance fraud, Workers' Compensation fraud is a disturbing trend that appears to be growing. A 2007 report by the California Insurance Department stated that for every $1 invested in Workers' Compensation anti-fraud efforts has returned $6.17, or $260.3 million total in 2006. By documenting suspected fraud through video, eyewitness testimony, and written reports we can help prove false claims.

Tenant Screening

Effectively screening potential tenants can reduce rental turnover rate and income loss. A complete screening involves criminal history, reference checks, credit checks, current and past landlord interviews, eviction history, and current employment status. All of these areas need to be factored into the decision when renting your property.

Alive and Well Checks

Alive and well checks are utilized to verify a person's identity, health condition, employment status, and living situation. These checks are made in person and will confirm receipt of benefits, activity level and living/deceased status.

Service of Process/Skip Tracing

When legal documents need to be served by a third party, we deliver with prompt service. We offer standard, rush, bulk, and same-day services, as well as specializing in difficult serves.

Litigation Support

We can assist you in gathering information regarding criminal or civil trials. Locating witnesses, taking statements, conducting scene investigations, and records checking are a few of the services we provide to attorneys and law firms alike.

Restaurant, Bar, and Retail Investigations

Restaurants, bars, and most stores are cash businesses, providing an opportunity for theft by a rogue employee. Subtle offenses like theft of time, skimming the register, giving product and merchandise away, or adding tips to a credit charge will inevitably hurt your relationship with your customers and your professional reputation. We can help identify and thwart occurrences of theft at your business.

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